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About three weeks ago I was made aware of an article on the New Republic blog called Bros Before Homes and a few of my followers on Twitter asked me for my take on it then. I did feel it merited more than 140 characters so I figured I’d build a post on it. Honestly, I had more than a couple irons in the fire for blog posts ahead of this, but in hindsight now I’m glad I waited a bit before digging too far in.

I am going to riff on it here, but before I do I’d like to point out that my posting Sugar Babies, before this post was a strategic decision on my part. You’ll understand why a bit later, but keep in mind the general premise of that post – women’s commodification of intimacy dynamic – and the priority of self-importance women place on themselves…

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Chateau Heartiste

An early 30s woman I know through a lover likes to regale friends who will listen with tales of her sordid sex life. (If you want to know what happens to a woman’s vagina if she’s still single by her thirties, think of a flowering rose…mashed into a slab of ground beef.)

One of her adventures included a break-up with a caddish loafer, followed by a two month-long rebound “””boyfriend””” who was dumped one month after her ex-jerkboy sent her a two word text (accompanied by a thumbs up emoji) at 1am: “wut up”. Sometime during her fling with the rebound, she openly stated when he was out of earshot that he wasn’t a serious contender and that little did he know she was fucking her ex-jerkboy on the side (her ardor obviously reignited by his eloquent late-night text). Oh, and to add colorful detail to the story, since she…

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Blacks Can’t Buy A Sympathetic Anti-White Martyr

Chateau Heartiste

Three cop-shoots-black suspect news stories were exploited by the media and government officials like president Gay Mulatto to incite black rage against the Whitey machine, which culminated in this week’s deadly violence at a Dallas BLM protest, when one black sniper killed five White cops and injured seven more.

It seems that always, upon closer inspection, the blacks killed by supposedly predatory racist cops and held up in the ensuing media limelight as pillars of the communitaaahhh are useless parasites on society and have rap sheets a mile long. Derbyshire has a useful write-up on the three BLM poster dindus, and the banality of black power agitators and their White leftoid enablers continually failing to find a sympathetic anti-White martyr is morbidly funny confirmation of racial reality to those who know the score.

Of the three, Philando Castile was, at least superficially, the best Great Dead Black Hope that the…

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Is censorship/Feminism/marxism/SJWism going to win? Can it be stopped?

Erudite Knight - On the search for truth

This is a thought I have a lot.  Consider that google, facebook, youtube are all CENSORED as shit, any right leaning stuff routinely scrubbed, esp any ultra right, nationalist, anti-black etc.  You have most people under 30 LIVING at these sites, and when its endless pro-gay-butt-sex type rhetoric and normal heterosexual marriage with beautiful white women is such a rarity I wonder what our future will be.

When you have sites like reddit with SWARMS of chumps to bomb out alt-right sites, or like traitorous males like ‘wehuntedthemamoth’ that fat fuck, who has like 500 comments per story what chance do we stand getting OUR message out?

We really need some serious hackers, because the current war looks like it is going very badly for use.  Marginalized super hard, and with very few new recruits we are getting outbred online and in real life.

With tech evolving we can’t even…

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